Sunday, July 28, 2013

McAfee Knob

Started on ridge before Va 311
Ended at Lamberts Meadow Shelter
11.9 miles

Today was a mix of high and low points. It started with the tent. It was raining and had just slowed before we were about to pack up. We rushed to take advantage of it and everyone worked great as a team. The rain fly was off quickly and I put it on the ground, then the kids took the poles out and folded them while Sydney and I put the tent body away. Next I grabbed the rainfly, and it was covered in dirt from laying on the ground. It was really dirty, but other than that it was a big success.

At the road someone had left water (Trail Magic!). We were completely out and everyone was so thirsty we drank. About 10 min later Andy and Reed show up with yogurt, bananas, and more water! We filled all our water and even had a Recoverite. The yogurt and bananas really hit the spot.

Stomachs and water bottles full we started our hike up McAfee Knob. It was only a few miles and the kids were so excited to see Reed they could have run up it. Reed's girlfriend was taking a cruise ship in the Mediterranean so he was free for the hike. At the shelters we wrote in the journal and Reed got the trail name "Bearded Elf". They drew some creative Elf pictures, including the Bearded Elf himself. .

Things are still really good (except for the dirty rainfly), but a break in the rain was not materializing. We spent all but about 10 minutes with great views of the inside of a cloud. It is very white for anyone who has not been in a cloud.

The last 2.5 miles to the shelter took forever: kids had to go to the bathroom, we took a few 20 min breaks, Andy slipped and bent his pole, my backpack belt broke, and Harvey was getting a blister from his new shoes. It was not fun. Finally I had to stop digging holes for the boys to poo in and said hike to the shelter.

We got to the shelter and two others were also staying, but we could fit 6 easy, and squeezed in one more when Benadryl arrived. It stopped raining and the boys had a privy so things for me had gotten positive very fast.

We had a great dinner: Trader Joes wraps with Mexican meal in a bag. Very good and the wraps were easy to roll. The kids snacked like vultures on whatever scraps they could beg from Andy. We have plenty of food, they just like other people's food more.

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