Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trail Food


Breakfast was the usual, but the people at the shelter thought it was grand. Two packets of oatmeal, honey, raisins or cherries, and flax (the secret ingredient).

Every hour we have a snack. Today I took two Hammer Energy Bars and broke them in two and saved the other two bars for later in the day. We also snacked on bacon jerky, trail mix, and carrots (Pete really loved the carrots).

Today we had a hot lunch! Normally I don't cook because it takes so much time, but today we passed 3 shelters, each 5 miles apart, and I knew I could cook under cover if it rained. At Old Orchard Shelter we stopped, and from the picture you can see it was sunny while we were eating our Annie's Rice Pasta with Cheddar, tuna, and chicken. I even put in dried red peppers to spice it up. Harvey is in the red shirt.

At Hurricane Shelter we stopped for second lunch.  We had bacon jerky, cheddar cheese, and Almond Nut Thins. We also had fig bars from Grocery Outlet that are AWESOME!!!  Each package has two bars so it is easy to split.

For dinner it was tuna and chicken again, but this time with cous cous. I added the dried red peppers again and the kids and I loved it. Two boxes is the perfect serving size.

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