Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sarver Hollow Shelter

Started at VA 613, Salt Sulphur Tpk
Ended at Sarver Hollow Shelter
17.3 miles

I woke up to a red sky as the sun started to rise. We tented and I didn't want to risk rain so I started cooking to get us moving. The kids woke up and placed an oatmeal order and we quickly packed. It took us an hour to get going. In about .3 we came to Wind Rock, the picture with a great view. The kids are wearing rain jackets in anticipation of rain but also to keep them warm. We also found many great campsites and wished we had hiked a bit further last night.

The first 5 miles we did in 2 hours and I started thinking we could do a big 20+ mile day, then we hit the uphill and did the next 5 miles in 5 hours. Not bad, but not on pace for 20 miles.

More green tunnel and forest hiking, but also some hiking in great farm fields. They cut the grass so it was low, and we found lots of blackberries to snack on. It was a nice change from the usual AT trail. We also found some blueberry bushes that were good to eat too.

Sydney loves to write in the shelter journals, so I'm sending a picture of what she did tonight.

We are still doing Thorns and Roses, and really like it. The thorn for today was not camping at wind rock and the rose (for me) was pumping water while soaking my feet in a cold stream.

We are very excited because our plane tickets home are purchased. We are heading back to California on August 17. That gives us around two more weeks of hiking before we spend time with my Aunt and Uncle.

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