Sunday, July 21, 2013

Power-line Views

Started at Woods Hole Hostel
Ended at the Holiday Motor Lodge in Pearisburg
9.9 trail miles

Beautiful day for a walk in the woods. We got an early start and enjoyed our two flavored packets of oatmeal (usually we have one plain and one flavored). No chickens tried to steal our food and the pig was contained. The privy had TP and the kids only forgot one shirt in the upstairs of the bunkhouse. It seems we always leave something so I make sure to double check. We got to see the chaos of breakfast time for the chickens and then I paid our bill.

The walk was a mix of easy flat and smooth to rocky steep, but very short steep. We took our time and enjoyed the views. Mostly we looked out onto the clouds but it cleared up by mid morning. The power-line picture is the last time I had my camera out. The wind was picking up and the clouds were getting up higher in the mountain. It rained on us while at the same time it was sunny. After about 30 min of the rain/sun combination it stopped raining. Then it rained, then it stopped, rained, stopped, rained, stopped,.... We got to a spot called Angels Rock and the clouds opened for us (while at the same time raining on us) and we saw Pearisburg. Very exciting after being in the woods, but Harvey said to me "Dad, I'm just not excited to go to town." We have crossed over to preferring the tent/shelter life to the one with four walls and windows. I've read about it happening but never experienced it myself.

It was so easy to get to town and the Holiday Motor Lodge is across the street from the grocery store. We got our food box and special order of Big Sur Bars and settled in for the night. After planning food for the next few days I bought whatever food I needed (and decided to spoil the kids by getting a really good breakfast). We had some extra food too, so the kids went to Pablo's room and he came over and got two meals from us. We felt sorry for Jesus because he was leaving late from the Hostel after doing some work. It was raining really hard, much harder than when it rained on us, and Jesus was in it.

The kids had books in the drop box so we read and I planned the next few days of the hike.

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