Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Laurel Creek

Started at Chestnut Knob Shelter
Ended at Laurel Creek
14.8 miles

Today we did an 8 mile section along a ridge called Burkes Garden, nicknamed "Gods Thumbprint." It is part of a crater like depression surrounded by the ridge. The walking was easy and every now and then we had great views of the farmland below.

Next came a 2 mile downhill to the shelter. During the decent Sydney and Pete pretended they lived in a castle and were decorating. They each got new beds, TV, pizza, candy, fuzzy rugs and other things you would find in a kids dream room.

At Jenkins Shelter we pumped water and had a snack, we also had our first memorable encounter with Mosquitos. Pete and I pumped water and each had 4-5 bites. After leaving the shelter we crossed a creek that was big enough to swim in, so we stopped for 30 min and took a dip. Then it started to rain but only lasted a few minutes. The rest of the day was overcast, muggy and it seemed like it would rain any second. We also heard lots of thunder but never saw lightning.

The last few miles were so flat they felt easy. Mostly we followed an old logging road that was overgrown to the point of single track. We heard the creek before seeing it and were so happy when we saw the bridge to cross. We saw lots of fish in the water and wanted to swim but needed something to eat first. After finding a picnic table near a tent spot we set up our stuff (Sydney does a great job setting up the ground pads and sleeping bags). I made a hot lunch (or first dinner, whatever you want to call it.) Then the kids went swimming while I pumped water. I got my feet in the cold water and now my feet feel rested more than usual. Back to camp for dinner (cous cous with tuna and chicken) and then the kids decorated a tree with leaves and flowers. They call it the Christmas tree. Harvey and Sydney are hard at work in the picture.

One fun conversion with the kids was about going to college. They ask me lots of questions about it and what you can study. Pete wants to study model pirate ship building. I asked about farming and he said it looked like to much work, so he wants to be an artist instead.

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