Monday, July 15, 2013

Back on the trail, with packs (300 miles)

Started at I-81 and VA 683
Ended at Tilson Gap, Big Walker Mtn
8 miles

We passed 300 trail miles today!!!

This morning the boys were up and had breakfast before I could make it down, but I made up for not eating with them by making an awesome salad (greens, eggs, hamburger, peppers, cheese, and veggies from the Chinese restaurant). Then it was time to pack. Our stuff was fairly centralized so packing was fast except when we couldn't find Sydney's sleep pants. We ended up finding them in her sleeping bag tonight when she was setting up her bed.

After we got our packs in the car it was time to run errands. Wal Mart for fuel and new socks for Harvey, the Post Office to mail a box to Mary-j, letters, and a box to the Jacobs. Sydney and Nan made a special pillow for the Jacobs and even made a fancy mailing label.

We got to the Dr's office early so I asked Nan if we could go to Walgreens. Lucky for us she didn't ask why. Last night I loaded the Walgreens app on my phone and now I can send pictures to a Walgreens from my phone. I picked out a few of the best from the time we stayed with them and sent them via the app. I had an email in the morning saying they were done. It was all very easy and fast, but I wonder if I was in California could I print to a store in Florida? Pete and Harvey were amazed when I went to get pictures, Nan stayed in the car. The boys were excited to see the pictures and then we went back to the car to surprise Nan. Now she has pictures of us to scrapbook with (she also stamps so her and Mary-j should be good friends).

Back at the Dr's office we spent about 40 seconds waiting before Harvey was called, this time Pete came with us and Dr. Brown couldn't tell them apart. Test results showed regular staff. Since we don't have access to a refrigerator he changed our prescription to pills. Nan suggested the Dr call it in and I'm so glad we did because the local pharmacy didn't have it. Dr.Brown worked with Walgreens to find something that would work. We ended up getting a pill that we split in half. The past few days Harvey practiced swallowing pills in yogurt and then water, now he is really good at it and even asked for some of my Hammer pills tonight.

Back to Walgreens and some snacking while we waited. Medicine in hand it was time to go, but very sad for all of us. Nan and Andy have become like family and Sydney was especially sad to loose the girl time.

The trail was beautiful, with big open spaces and flat hiking. We had Fuji apples from Nan and peanut butter from Mary-j. It was a great break and the kids really hiked fast after it. Thanks everyone who makes this trip possible! We made good time and passed Boogylegs, Giggles, and the dog (a small bundle full of energy who scared the kids). Pablo was with them and two other Northbound hikers were camped close by. Pablo dropped his cigarets and I picked them up, not wanting to leave trash, so he was happy to have them but part of me was thinking I should've just kept them and tossed them.

After Chorizo chicken soup with extra chicken and rice we had very good gluten free cookies!!! It was a great way to end the day. We are camped on the ridge and got a glimpse of the sunset through the trees.

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