Friday, July 26, 2013

Bears and Antibiotics

Started at 4 Pines Hostel
Ended at unnamed ridge tent camping
4.5 miles

We got a late start today, hitting the trail at 4:30 when 3:00 was my goal. It was a slow morning with no alarm clock and no reason to hurry. After breakfast (please note: cream flavor oatmeal is fewer oz. than the regular flavor stuff) we went to fill water bottles and talk with the other hikers when Sydney asked for Neosporin. Looking at her legs and then looking at the boys it was clear she had some type of skin thing. Joe agreed to take us to the Urgent Care in town so we packed our stuff and headed to town. As we drove past the neighbors house a bear ran across the street. Over 400 miles on the trail and our first bear encounter happens in a car.

The drive was only 20 min but felt like forever after not sitting in a car for so long. The wait was short and the Dr gave us 7 days on antibiotics. Sydney had to swollen them and was a bit nervous about it (but she did great). Urgent Care had the medicine so Sydney got to take a pill before we even left. The woman behind the counted brought out a PowerAid for Sydney to drink while taking her pull. After taking a sip Sydney read the label and didn't drink anymore, the first ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup. The boys didn't care, they guzzled it and then read what was in it.

I called Joe and he came back to get us. On the way back I asked if he would be OK with stopping at a health foods store we passed. He recommended Kroger down the street. We pulled into Kroger and it was the same spot I had taken the kids last year on our driving tour of the US. We stopped to eat at the Japanese restaurant last year, and now a year later we are back.

At the hostel with medication and a huge lunch we ate and talked. I mostly ate, the kids mostly talked to the other hikers. Most found it amazing we were hiking, and they all had positive things to say. Most people on the trail have heard of us and when we get to a shelter they say, "You must be Obla." It is odd, but word travels quickly on the trail.

We started leaving at 3:30, but had to say bye. Then talked with two section hikers that were getting a ride from a friend after bad blisters, and finally we met Bobby and Flapjack as they arrived at the hostel. So we didn't actually start hiking till 4:30. We couldn't make the 7 miles to the next shelter, and the road we will meet Andy at is only 6 miles away, so we choose to hike over half way and then tent.

Leaving the hostel we had a family picture taken by Kansas City. Harvey took a picture of us at break, and Harvey got a picture at our campsite.

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