Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chestnut Knob Shelter

Started at Tilson Gap, Big Walker Mtn
Ended at Chestnut Knob Shelter
15 miles

Today's trail was very fun, except the last 5 miles that was all uphill. Before the uphill we got to Knot Maul Branch Shelter (a relative of Darth Maul from Star Wars). Sydney wrote in the journal (see picture) while Boogylegs's dog barked every time she got close. The dog is not friendly to kids. Our shirts were soaked from sweat so mine is laying on the table next to Sydney.

We heard about trail magic at the next road, so we were motivated to see what they had for us. A few miles later we saw a cooler and found V8's and trail mix. Sydney and I split a can but Harvey really wanted his own, only to take a sip and then not want it.

Lunch was awesome, we had the box of pepper jack cheese wedges with sausage. Very happy boys, see the picture. They used the cheese wedge box as plates.

Getting to the shelter seemed to take a long time, then we read it was a 5 mile uphill! No wonder it seemed to drag on. The shelter is actually a real building with a door. It even has windows and ATT service. I got a text from Unknown asking about Harvey and we traded messages. He warned us about the mice and said he saw a great lightning show from the shelter. The privy was visited by us and now our TP is all gone, and we started with more than I thought we would need. I guess when you have plenty you tend to waste it. Also at the shelter Pete found a bandana that he plans to keep.

When we were hiking the 5 mile approach trail we passed a group of Boy Scouts from North Carolina. They caught up to us at the shelter and decided to tent. They missed the spring at the pond and now were short on water, we were short too so I couldn't offer them any. They decided to have tomorrows lunch for dinner and get water in the morning. We will have to hike out and get water before breakfast too.

The Boy Scouts asked us to join them for "Thorns and Roses", a discussion about the highs and lows of the day. We joined them and it was great for the kids to see that other people reflect back on the day. Then we each got to say one thing we were looking forward to. Sydney said Big Sur Bars (I have some on order for delivery in a few weeks). I was looking forward to getting some TP and the Boy Scouts not only gave us some, they gave us a whole roll!

The picture of Sydney is taken in front of the shelter overlooking the farmlands of Virginia.

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