Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Partnership Shelter (and pizza!!)

Started at spur trail to Hurricane Campground
Ended at Partnership Shelter
16.6 miles

We are getting better at packing up and this morning we did it in 1:05. We were excited to get going and make it to Partnership Shelter. The hike was the usual, till we found this trail-side hiker Trail Magic. A church fills the box with hiker food so we stopped and had a bite. It was unexpected and so wonderful.

We passed a big group that planned to stay at Partnership Shelter and we didn't want to get bumped from the shelter so the kids had lots of motivation to get to the shelter and claim a sleep spot. We picked up the pace and covered the 4 miles in under 1:30. It helped loud thunder was following us. We got to the shelter and were excited to see all our thru hiker friends. Jesus was having a birthday party and lots of us tried to get here for it. The other great thing about the shelter is you can order a pizza. 

The kids greeting Jesus, the birthday boy.

Jesus handing out drinks with the party chips in the background.

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