Monday, July 29, 2013

Zero in Daleville

Started and ended at the Howard Johnson in Daleville, VA
0 miles

The hotel offers a free hot breakfast, so after sleeping in till 8:00 I went to check it out. Good thing the kids stayed in the room because it was sugary cereal, donuts, soggy eggs, and not one fruit related item (except maybe the jelly packets that may have had a fruit like flavor). We had the granola I bought last night with bananas and blueberries.

Goodwill is down the street so I bought a few books to keep the kids busy. I didn't know they would spend the day swimming, but at 50 cents each I don't feel like I wasted money. Before bed Pete and I read "The Other Side Of The Bridge."

After Goodwill it was off to Kroger and Outdoor Trails. On the way we saw Benadryl who was getting food. After saying hi we went to Outdoor Trails and got Pete new shoes. He had the biggest feet and could fit in a 7 woman's, the smallest size the store carried. His new shoes do not look like woman's, so you would never know. In the picture of the store I am sitting on the floor in a shirt I got out of the hiker box at the hotel. I might send it home I like it so much. At the store we also saw Snail Pace and Haystack, two Graybeards hiking the trail.

After getting food we saw Jesus (Hey Zus) who is about to join a friend off trail for a few days. We should see him when he gets back on the trail. While I was loading up my backpack with the food we bought a guy stopped to talk. A family in his neighborhood had hiked the AT. Turns out the guy visited all 50 states before he was 25 and is also a world traveler, speaking more German than French but lived in both countries. As a kid he lived in Paris, taking field trips to all the cultural spots.

Then we swam, a lot. Now we are reading and winding down our day. Hiker midnight is 9:00 so we will be asleep soon.

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