Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wilson Creek Shelter

Started at Howard Johnson in Daleville, VA
Ended at Wilson Creek Shelter
11.2 miles

Kids swam at pool before we left.

Went to get new pack from outfitter. Didn't like it at first but with luck I will figure out a way to make it work better.

Stopped at Krogers for almond butter packets to go with our apples, paid lady $1 to mail letters since we couldn't get postage (they only sell by the book).

Mailed broken REI pack back at UPS. Also sent box home with camera since I mostly use my phone.

Hiked loud trail by highway, but got to first shelter really fast so moved on to next shelter, since our Stillwater neighbors were named Wilson I thought we should stay at this shelter.

Met 2 southbound hikers, Pablo and Benadryl.

Long time till I see an outlet for my phone so conserving battery.

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