Friday, July 12, 2013

Craft Day

Started and ended at Rose Hill Farm
Zero miles

Today was a craft day, even before I woke up Sydney had found the craft closet and started working. She made some very creative stuff like the feather tower and a card for Debra. When the boys woke up they started building/painting a pirate ship for Pete and a plane for Harvey. Pete and Sydney had so much fun painting jars, and Harvey really loves the plane. It was a nice change from the usual trail or town stuff that we do.

Nan and Sydney went grocery shopping while the boys played with viking, pirate, and knight toys. Pete was very proud of the viking ship in the picture. He found the ors and placed the men. He had an entire ocean with islands, sharks, treasure, and lots of ships. Meanwhile, I had free time so I spent it doing a puzzle. Nan had already completed the outside so I started on the inside. It was great to focus on finding the correct piece, almost meditative.

Once back from the store Nan and Sydney made pizza and watermelon for lunch. Just as the pizza finished it was like magic, the teenage son arrives home. The boys love when Reed is home, they want to show him all the cool stuff they are doing and Reed is good about the attention. Unfortunately for the boys, Reed took a nap. Later we decided not to work outside with Reed because of rain and a few really dark clouds that had us wondering about tornados. Everything turned out OK, and we only got rain.

Now to the last picture, Sydney with an apple peeler on the special baking apples she used to make an apple pie. Normally I say no to pie or cakes, but the old fashioned peeler is something I wanted Sydney to experience.

Dinner was delicious: chicken, broccoli, fruit salad, regular salad and rice. Then the apple pie. After cleaning up dishes and taking showers it was popcorn and a movie, the kids are absolutely getting spoiled. Harvey got his medicine and I got on the computer to buy more Big Sur Bars and Hammer Nutrition products. I also planned two more mail drops, taking us into August.

Tonight I also got the sad news of our friend Lily, a 4th grader at Rio Del Mar and sister of Sydney's best friend. Lily had undesirable complications with some food she ate while the family was vacationing in Costa Rica. Her parents are bringing the body home today and I have to (eventually) explain it to the kids.

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