Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Partnership Birthday Party


Today Jesus turned 21 and a bunch of thru hikers keyed in on Partnership Shelter. We had a great party and it is amazing how it all came together.

Jesus was a day ahead of us and was actually leaving Partnership Shelter when Flapjacks and Bobby got dropped off at the shelter. They had heard his party was the 10th and they couldn't hike that far so they got a ride from a guy at a road crossing.

Jesus was in the parking lot getting ready to leave because he was at Partnership Shelter last night and didn't think we were coming. He was bummed no one was at the shelter last night. Bobby saw him, but had never actually met him, but heard from Sydney he wears a lot of bandannas. She asked what is your trail name? When he said Jesus, she told him about how Shivers and Unknown were trying to catch up. Then she said Obla (Sydney's trail name) was catching up too. To put this in perspective the kids hiked an 18.6, 19.1, then a 16.6 mile day to make the shelter for his birthday, so he knew how committed we were to making it.

Jesus was super excited we were coming and went to town and got party supplies. He had two coolers of drinks and bags of chips. He even got pink lemonade for the kids. When we got to the shelter we ordered pizza with everyone else and when it arrived we broke out the chips and drinks.

When I was ordering the pizza (using the phone at the visitor center near the shelter) I got Jesus an AT bandana to go with his others (and he loves red).

Jesus with Pete, Sydney and the new AT bandanna.

Time to eat!  Flapjacks in the back eating a slice of pizza and Unknown sitting down in the blue shirt.

Shivers with pizza and a drink.

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