Monday, July 15, 2013

Back on the Trail (Slack Packing)

Started at Partnership Shelter
Ended at Relax Inn
11.5 Miles hiked

Today was our first time slack packing, meaning we got dropped off at point A, then picked up at point B. Many people get a Hostel to drop them 15-20 miles up the trail and they hike back to the Hostel. This way you can leave your sleeping bag, tent, and cooking gear behind.

Andy dropped us off and shortly after he left it started to rain, and kept raining for the next 2 hours. We all had our rain gear but the kids didn't bring backpacks. They really liked the freedom of not having a pack, and sang about how free they felt.

It wasn't until lunch that I got my phone out and took a picture of the kids as we started the descent to the Relax Inn. It was nice to hike in this area; not many rocks, blackberries, apple trees, and a big section of slightly downhill.

We skipped The Relax Inn since Andy took us in the morning. We had 4 boxes (2 from Amazon, 1 from Mary-j, and 1 from REI). It was like Christmas. Andy took them back to the house while the kids and I started our hike, but when we got back home we had to sort the food (see picture).

We only saw one other hiker (Pedro I think), but we saw Boogie Legs at the gas station. He took a few zero days waiting for his dog. His dad was driving from Alabama with the dog and then they were going to get the dog a pack. .

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  1. Hey Mark and kids--I just got home to an unusually quiet house, but a nice Amazon surprise of our own, in the three books sent from some Trail hikers we know, i guess. Reed has always wanted to raise pigs (like his older brother Calder, so now he can read up on how to be a bacon farmer--after all, he does like bacon. And the other two look really great as well--particularly Coop, as i've read some of his other stuff--he's very funny.
    We really enjoyed having the Thompson quad with us, and thanks for the thistle digging, fence setting up, and unexpected company. Can't wait to see some more pix and hear everyone's stories. Happy trails! Andy