Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tent camping after Bastian

Started at Laurel Creek
Ended someplace after Helveys Mill Shelter (about 2 miles past it)
11.2 miles

Today was our first time getting a drop box at a Post Office. It was really easy and I would do it again. They checked ID, and that is a lot more than some places; and it was free.

The day started wet after a night of rain, and getting the tent put away was a bit of a challenge. It was slow going for us, about 2 hours to get packed up. But we all went to the bathroom and filled up the water bottles before we left so it was a good, if slow, start to the day. We had to keep a good pace because Andy or Reed was going to take us from the US52 trailhead to the Post Office. We made good time on the flat terrain and made it by 12:30.

The only problem was I didn't know if I was at the correct trailhead since the trail follows the road. When I called Andy he knew the Senior Citizen Center we were next to and said we had the correct spot. The sun was shinning so I got the tent out to dry, and before Reed arrived the tent was dry. Boogylegs, Giggles, and Khan (the dog) caught up to us while we were waiting and Sydney got help feed the dog (see photo). They had a shuttle from Bubba who was taking them into town.

Reed was great, he took us to the Post Office and played with the kids while I repacked the food Mary-j sent. She sent cookies and chocolate milk that we ate on the spot. We also got Bicycle Magazine and Backpacker! Bad for me because I can't take them, but good for Andy since I sent them home with Reed.

Next Reed took us to Dollar General so we could buy oatmeal and lunch. I took the opportunity to charge my phone while we ate and we hung out drinking cold water till it had a decent charge. The kids had fun with Reed, asking if he could lift them (see picture of Reed lifting Pete).

Next Reed drove us to the trail and we started our uphill hike to the shelter. At the shelter we got water, and it must have been .25 from the shelter down steep switchbacks to the water. That was after the .25 from the trail to get to the shelter. Now we had walked half a mile for water, and then my pump got slow again!! I could not believe it but at the same time I was super mad. The cartridge was less than a week old. I called Mary-j and had her send one of my old filters. She was able to get Saturday delivery so I only need to find water Friday and we are good. But wait! A store is .5 off the trail and we will pass it on Friday. How lucky for us.

We left the shelter trying to get a few more miles since we were 16 miles from the store (yes indeed, how lucky for us), and it was later in the day and much cooler. It is hot and humid, but the rain has not materialized yet.

For dinner it was Indian wraps. We had two Indian dished and I added tuna to them along with rice. Once warm we put it on a wrap (see picture of Harvey and Pete).

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